10 Indian Medicinal Plants And Their Uses


These days Ayurvedic medicine is gaining much popularity throughout the world. It is an alternative health system medicinal plants that are used as herbal remedies.

This remedy is one among many, which helps to correct a systemic imbalance. But before applying them; it is important to know the types of medicinal plants and their uses.

Knowing the right method of preparation of the herbs is also significant for the Ayurvedic healing process. Ayurvedic medicine or herbal plants which are used for treating are based on the five method to control the overall system.

They are used in the form of hot infusion, cold infusion, powder, juice and decoction. It doesn’t matter what method is used, but it is necessary that herbs should always be fresh.

Different Ways Used To Administer Herbs

In Ayurveda infusion is the most common way to administer herbs. Second is cold infusions; it is…

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