2020 – What a Year for East West!


goji berries

Finally, we’re reaching the end of 2020! I can’t tell you how many people have yearned to see this year pass since it’s been so difficult for most. Indeed, 2020 brought big changes to our lives and the East West Herb Course, too.

I have always loved to travel and have done so since a young girl when my family took three-week long camping trips across the U.S several times. This year is the first year since then that I haven’t traveled in a year, well except for our two-week evacuation-‘vacation’ when the Santa Cruz mountain fires came within ½ mile of our home and herb course office on one side and 2 miles on another. We only journeyed to local Santa Cruz and Capitola, but that was a worry-fraught time for sure rather than a true holiday.

Volunteer firefighter Todd Ellis at a blaze in Ben Lomond, where the Tierras live, in August. Photo by Susanne…

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