5 Reasons Why Teens are Encouraged to Quit Vaping


At such a young age, many teenagers commit to unhealthy lifestyle choices, which they’ll eventually regret later in life. These lifestyle paths are often influenced by peer pressure and curiosity, aggravated with the absence of good parenting. 

Teenage Smoking

According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, every day, 1,600 teenagers under 18 try their first cigarette in the United States alone. Among this population, around 200 of them continue as daily cigarette smokers. This number is exceptionally alarming because millions of teenagers die young due to smoking-associated medical conditions.

To put a stop to smoking and vaping addiction, teenagers can withdraw from tobacco through a nicotine cessation. If you’re one of the smoking teenagers who plan to lead a better and healthy life, here are the top 5 reasons you’re encouraged to quit smoking:

Decrease Risks of…

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