7 Tips for Better Abs Workouts


Want better abs? The key to shredded, rock-hard abs is a better abs workout – and that includes the support activities you need to perform to make sure you get the most of your workout.

Here are 7 tips to help you get better abs workouts.

Get the Progression Right

If you really want the best possible abs workout, you’ll want to get the progression of your muscles right. The abdominals are not one set of muscles but several, and they should all be worked in the right order.

This means following the ‘Six Pack Progression’ – lower abs, bottom-up, obliques, mid-range, top-down rotation, and top-down – to get the perfect abs workout.

With the Six Pack Progression, you start with bottom-up movements, add bottom-up rotation, and then transition to rotationally driven oblique exercises. After that, you finish up with mid-range movements targeting the top…

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