Annalisa Nardi, January 2021 – East West School of Planetary Herbology


I was born (and still live) in Florence, Italy. Growing up in an old city, filled with art and history, birthplace of so many Renaissance geniuses, I naturally became fond of anything that had been created by human ingenuity.

I was an extremely shy child, with very limited access to the wild Nature, and not even a pet allowed in the house: my favourite companions became books and my favourite place the public library near my home. To my young and unexperienced mind, human beings were just powerful and benign agents of beauty, progress and endless happiness for everybody.

As my interests diversified and went deeper into the understanding of all things human, the picture got more complex and troublesome. The more I learned the more I would discover that, in reality, there were a lot of things that didn’t work quite right, and people’s lives were made miserable for so many…

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