Ayurvedic Massage Types & It’s Health Benefits


Indian Ayurvedic massage is inspired by Ayurveda (or science of life) and traditional Hindu massage.

This message rests on the balance of the three elements: air (Vata), water (Kapha), and fire (Pitta). Air corresponds to hormones and nerves, water symbolizes all the liquid elements of the body, and fire represents the digestive organs and enzymes.

According to philosophy, this type of massage is the harmony between these three elements that provide inner well-being. For the Ayurvedic massage session to be effective, it should last between 45 minutes and an hour.

Ayurveda Massage Benefits

Ayurvedic abhyanga massage has the advantage of benefiting both body and soul. In addition to its undeniable relaxing virtues, it offers many other benefits. It allows to nourish the skin, as well as tone and relax muscle tissues.

It also improves blood and lymphatic circulation while <a…

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