Ayurvedic Tips To Recognize If There Is Toxins In The Body?


There are many external factors that contribute to our body ingesting toxins, which impair the functions of cells to provide energy, when the level of these increases, the body begins to suffer from some disease.

Toxins are proteins or lipopolysaccharides that affect the body that assimilates them, all foods contain them, but they increase markedly when some heat source is used for their preparation. Although the body can also ingest them from other sources such as polluted air, in medicines, in the objects you touch daily, solar radiation and even your body can develop them if your emotional state is affected by stress.

However, not only direct factors contribute to the development of toxins, other sources indirectly considerably increase in the body, such as smoking, alcoholism, drugs, coffee, fried foods, junk foods and foods that are processed from industrial form, they make…

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