Ayurvedic Tips & Ways To Prevent Wuhan Corona Virus


It is this time it is not known how far the threat from the Wuhan (China) coronavirus (COVID-19) will go. Today most of the countries around the world have reported that the virus mutates rapidly. It has already increased its infectious capacity around the world. The coronavirus has shown some symptoms of the disease like it can have fever, cough and difficulty breathing. So if symptoms found early medical care is needed as there is no vaccination for it.

Research to develop a vaccine is underway around the way, but can not say when will it be available, at best it is necessary to follow simple rules which can prevent you from coronavirus (COVID-19), below are some of it.

How can you prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease?

Yes, you can prevent coronavirus by,

  • STAYING home
  • KEEPING a safe distance
  • WASHING hands quite often,
  • COVERING your cough
  • SICK? Call the helpline


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