Benefits of Ayurvedic Oil Self Massage With Marma Therapy


Touches carry a much deeper meaning than many of us think. Take, for example, babies, those who are constantly petted and stroked have stronger immunity and health is stronger than those who are deprived of parental caress.

Tactile sensations with the mother’s body for the child are no less important than food. Cuddled children physically and mentally develop better.

The same applies to adults; a gentle or calm touch can be the most effective medicine against stress enhances immunity and improves the functioning of the nervous system. In India, regular home massage is practiced and many have family traditional.

  • For babies massage is done every day from birth to the age of three.
  • For mothers a special massage is given for 40 days after delivery.
  • For adolescence many massage procedures are performed for wellness.

Adults are advised to do an Ayurvedic abhyanga massage with herbal…

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