Benefits Of Listening Skills In Ayurveda



By Dr Renita Dsouza

Listening is different from hearing. Listening is hearing and understanding information received. According to Roland Barthes “Hearing is a physiological phenomenon; listening is a psychological act. Listening is the part of skillful communication. Effective listening is a learned skill. A good listener can understand what other person is saying or wants to say through his words, tone of voice, body posture and gestures. So listening is not only matter of ears but also the eyes.

Listening does not mean obeying. Listening is understanding the information received and then making a choice.
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Benefits of improving listening skills

  • Improves language learning
  • Helps to have effective communication
  • Avoid conflicts due to misunderstandings
  • Avoid confusion
  • Listening to others is the best gift we give to them. It makes them…

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