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The herb Sweta sariva or sveta sariva is scientifically known as Hemidesmus Indica and in India commonly known as Indian Sarsaparilla. It is a well-known plant used in Ayurveda for many types of ailments.

It is a herb that is popularly used in many ailments such as to alleviates burning sensations (Dahaprasamana), for appetizing (Deepana ), and for purifying blood (Raktashodaka) properties.

This herb was formerly placed under the family of Asclepiadaceae but based on a recent study of pollinal character it has been transferred to the family Periplocaceae[1].

How does the sarsaparilla herb look like?

It is a climbing plant that grows in central, western, and southern parts of India. Hemidesmus indicus commonly known as Indian Sarsaparilla is a diffusely twining undershrub having numerous slender wiry laticiferous branches with purplish-brown bark.

  • Stems and branches: they are twine…

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