Best Essential Oil for Achieving Calmness


The essential oils in Lavender soothe headaches, calm nerves, ease depression, dizziness and stress, and will even combat halitosis.  Lavender’s antibacterial properties work to combat bacteria in the intestines, and it is also an antiviral and antifungal, working against yeast infections, diphtheria, typhoid, staph, strep, and many flu viruses. It is an effective tonic that improves intestinal health. This fragrant herb is necessary for every home.


Plant Description:

Lavender is a shrubby, flowering perennial that is indigenous to the mountainous regions of the western Mediterranean and is cultivated extensively for its aromatic flowers and many medicinal applications throughout Europe, the United States and Australia.

There are many species of Lavender grown in Europe that are used with similar applications; and interestingly, when English Lavender (Lavender officinalis/Lavandula…

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