Boost Your Immunity This Flu Season


So far, 14,000 people have died and 250,000 people have been hospitalized during the 2019-2020 flu season, according to preliminary estimates from the CDC, which estimates that influenza was associated with more than 35.5 million illnesses, more than 16.5 million medical visits, 490,600 hospitalizations, and 34,200 deaths during the 2018–2019 influenza season.

Corona virus worldwide: 104,025
Deaths: 3,524
Recovered: 58,527
China: 80,652; 3070 deaths, 55,521 recovered

Symptoms include:

  • Fever: 98%
  • Dry cough: 76%
  • Shortness of breath
  • Myalgia: 44%

About 80% of cases are mild and last only about 2 weeks. Severe or critical cases last 3-6 weeks.


  • You may have little to no symptoms.
  • You may not know you have symptoms of COVID-19 because they are similar to a cold or flu.
  • Symptoms may take up to 14 days to appear after exposure to the virus. This is the longest known…

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