Chaotic Times, Chaotic Skin: 6 Kitchen Remedies For Troubled Skin


There is no doubt about it. Most of us are experiencing some level of stress right now and some of us more than others. Stress needs an outlet and sometimes that outlet could be your skin. We all have our methods in which we try to “calm” our skin which can tie into your skin type.

Personally, my diet has taken the biggest hit during quarantine so my skin has been acting up. I have combination skin so my favorite go-to items are hemp products. Hemp has anti-aging properties, fights against inflammation, moisturizes the skin, and helps those of us that oily t-zone. I really enjoy products from CBDfx. They are my one-stop hemp shop, and you can soothe your skin with CBDfx products, too!

That’s just one of my favorites, and I love to switch my methods up and whip up a mask in the kitchen. I have quite a few that I use from time to time to calm…

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