Digestive System – The Kick start function for Energy



By A K Shyam
A Single cell called Zygote – after a union of the sperm and ovum, has the transcript of the ‘human’ we are all transformed into after trillions of multiplication.

The Zygote replicates itself into various organs of the body right from the Heart to toe based on the genetic contributions of the parents.  Since they are all from the same origin, each cell of our body is believed to exhibit the same potential as the Zygote. Understandably, progenies are the new combinations of both the positive and the negative elements of the genetic material of the parents.  This has been the natural phenomenon over decades and we see better progenies from generation to generation.  Let me cite an example, son/daughter is always better than the individual parents (at any given age) and they progress in a new but also, a better environment available to them unlike their…

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