Draksha: Ayurvedic Grape Wine Medicine


Asava and arishta, meaning “distillate” in Sanskrit, are two naturally fermented alcoholic extracts used for making Ayurvedic wine medicines. Draksha in Sanskrit means “grape” and draksharista therefore means grape wine. This is not your regular merlot or pinot, but a very low alcohol herbally medicated wine.

Draksha is one of the most effective botanical remedies for digestive health and healing. In fact, it’s a standard household remedy prescribed routinely by Ayurvedic doctors in India for the digestive system (Triphala is another, used for balanced detoxification).

It was Hippocrates who said the oft quoted “Let your medicine be your food, and your food, your medicine.” A common principle held by traditional healing systems is that all diseases begin in the digestive tract. We all know how important probiotics and fermented foods are for the entire GI tract….

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