Erica Macrum, July 2020 – East West School of Planetary Herbology


I grew up with the wet land plants, white oaks, and hickories in Illinois.   My love and connection with plants has been with me my whole life. I remember looking at a beautiful blossoming burdock as a young girl, the vibrant green purple pink of each flower and wondering who is this plant? My family moved from rural countryside to Chicago. I continued to seek out the wild plants in the few natural places in the city. Along train beds, alleyways, small forest preserves and along the lake Michigan beach fronts, always having a curiosity and hunger for understanding who the plants were. As I grew older, I used field guides, ethnobotany books to learn one by one the trees, vines, flowering plants of my home. I dreamed of being a woman of the woods, walking with my baskets full of wild foods and medicines like baba yaga of the old Russian folk stories, except I had not heard of her…

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