Everything Worth Knowing About Indian Pickle


When we talk about a grand Indian traditional Thali (an Indian traditional dish), we cannot ignore tasty, flavorful and appetizing Indian pickles. A fermented food item that has earned a permanent place in the hearts and minds of Indians, Indian pickles are delicious and have some impeccable health benefits too.

In addition to that, the making process of any pickle is also interesting. Pickles are made by Indian women mostly for their families and you can taste the eternal love and gratitude along with its unforgettable deliciousness.

These women carefully gather all raw materials such as raw mangoes, lemons, and then prepare the ingredients. Afterward, they will add spices and oil and then make pickles. Yes, you need an experienced hand while making pickles to have a long shelf life of these pickles.┬áThere are sweet, spicy, and sour pickles as per the choices and tastes of…

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