Faulty Thinking – Types Of Cognitive Distortions, Remedy In Ayurveda



By Dr Renita D’Souza

Most of us experience faulty thinking in our day to day life situations. These faulty thoughts are known as Cognitive distortions. These are the thoughts which comes to the mind when the person face challenging situations in life. These thoughts sound rational but that is not really true. For instance, a student scored low marks and he thinks “I am a total failure”. This is “All or Nothing” type of thinking. Here the performance falls short of perfect but the student considers himself a total failure. Cognitive distortions are automatic thoughts, they are not under conscious control.
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How cognitive thoughts are formed?

Core belief -> Underlying beliefs -> Automatic thought
Core belief – I am not good
Underlying belief – I am not good in dancing
Automatic thought – I cannot…

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