Hilamochika – Benefits, Remedies, Research



By Dr Renita D’Souza
Hilamochika is a potential medicinal plant and also used as a supplementary food source. Young shoots are cooked as vegetable. It is a good source of protein and β-carotene. It is cold in nature and acts as mild laxative. It is used in the treatment of skin diseases, wounds, pimples, diabetes, kidney stones, burning sensation, inflammation etc.
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Botanical Name – Enhydra fluctuans
Synonyms – Enydra anagallis Gardner, Meyera fluctuans (Lour.) Spreng
Family – Asteraceae

Vernacular Names

Sanskrit Name – Hilamochika
English Name – Buffalo spinach, Marsh herb
Hindi Name – Harkuch, Haruch, Matsayaakshi
Bengali Name – Helencha shaka, Hilancha shaka, Hingcha, Hinche, Hincha
Assamese Name – Helech
Oriya Name – Hidimicha
Indonesia Name – Godobos
Thai Name – Phak bung ruem

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