How to Clean Your Groceries During the COVID-19 Outbreak


Regardless of social distancing rules, everybody needs to eat. That means ordering delivery if you have the additional money for fees, or gloving up and heading to the market. Understandably, this can cause considerable stress during uncertain times.

When you do need to head out, you can stay safe by following the practices below. Washing your food can give you significant peace of mind and keep your family healthier.

1. Follow Social Distancing Rules

Don’t feel shy about politely asking people to respect your space. While you can’t force others to wear a mask or gloves, you can ask them to stay back 6 feet if they crowd you in line. Some places have implemented fines, and you could save someone money by reminding them that they must obey the rules.

2. Carry Hand Sanitizer

You should use hand sanitizer before and after visiting the store. While some jurisdictions have instructed…

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