How To Keep Body Cool In Summer? The Body Cooling Foods of Ayurveda


It’s summertime! Blazing up the heat, sweating people and dehydration means the summer has arrived. With the temperature rising day by day, it’s necessary to pay attention to our health else one may undergo serious side effects.

It’s time to cool down the body in summer, means hitting the health club swimming pools, beaches, lakes or just lingering in the shade, under AC on or the fans running all the time. But what’s about the thirst quenchers? We generally get motivate or look for something cool to drink.

However, remember that all thirst quenchers are not always healthy; some may even cause harm to the body. For instance, sugar-laden juices or soda pops are unhealthy thirst quenchers. There are many natural fruits and vegetables that can help to remain fresh and nourished during this harsh season.

Ayurveda Diets to Beat Summer Heat

Ayurveda describes summertime as a pitta…

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