How To Prevent Thinning Hair And Hair Loss


There are many factors that can cause hair thinning and hair loss. This can include hormonal changes or imbalances, stress, or even poor nutrition. It is normal to lose some hair, but you should know it when the hair loss is abnormal and you are in need of treatment before it’s too late.

So what are the signs and symptoms of abnormal hair thinning and hair loss that should alert that you are in need of treatment?

Signs & Symptoms

Some of the signs and symptoms of abnormal hair loss and thinning are as follows:

Gradual Hair Thinning on Top

If you notice thinning of hair on top of your head, you should know that this is a common hair loss problem faced by both men and women. However, this doesn’t mean that you should take it lightly. You should start using a DHT Halting Hair Restore Shampoo that can stop hair loss and triggers the growth of healthy hair.


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