How to Stay Active While Social Distancing


The COVID-19 crisis has presented people with a lot of different issues. We’re obviously worried about getting sick, and of course, no one feels as safe as they once did when it comes to employment. 

But there’s a difference between being conscious of the issues regarding the COVID-19 crisis, and letting it control your life. While those facing lockdowns are certainly more obstructed in terms of their daily routines, a lot of people can still do many of the same things that they did before, but with certain modifications

It’s important to remember that in a lot of ways, the COVID-19 crisis is our “new normal”. You should treat it as such, and make sure that you don’t let your physical and mental health suffer from the new conditions we’re all under. You can maintain something like your normal routine, without endangering other people or yourself.

A major key to…

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