How to Talk to Teen and Tweens About Coronavirus


As uncertain as you feel right now, you aren’t the only one who is struggling. Your older children also have many questions and fears. How will the current pandemic affect their schooling and sports? What will happen with their post-high-school plans?

Even though they may sometimes seem 13-going-on-30, your teens and tweens look to you for guidance during challenging times. The following tips can keep the lines of communication open and help you to navigate the current stormy seas together.

1. Give Them Accurate Information

Older children navigate the internet better than many adults, and as such, they run an increased risk of reading inaccurate information. Even highly educated adult professionals occasionally get fooled by sites that resemble legitimate sources.

Discuss the information your teen or tween finds online. Don’t ridicule their ideas — it’s a sure way to make them…

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