How We Can Vote without Killing Ourselves — And Ensure Every Vote Counts!


by Greg Palast and Nicole Powers for Igniting Change

Elections in the Era of COVID-19

COVID-19 has caused eleven states to reschedule their elections. Several more are still scheduled to be held this month. As states attempt to figure out how to safely run elections during a coronavirus pandemic, many see voting by mail as the solution, but there are pitfalls.

In this interview with civil rights leader and Igniting Change host Barbara Arnwine, the first broadcast on NewsTalk 1450 FM on March 31, investigative journalist Greg Palast says that rather than creating a precedent for canceling elections, we should embrace mail-in ballots so we can vote without the risk of dying.

However, he also explains that we need to make urgent changes to our voting system to make sure every mail-in ballot counts — and breaks down what those essential changes…

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