Huckleberry Fruit and Leaf for Diabetes


Huckleberry leaves and berries

Many years ago, while visiting Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I happened upon a local herb shop.  While perusing jars of dry herbs, I noticed one that contained huckleberry leaves. In most parts of the country, bulk huckleberry leaves are hardly known well enough to claim any of the limited space in an average herb store. The owner of the Baton Rouge herb shop said they sold quite a lot of huckleberry leaf tea especially to Black clientele, who told her that huckleberry tea was passed down as part of the little known but highly significant healing tradition known as “plantation medicine.” [1]

While huckleberry fruit, also known as whortleberry in North America (closely related to a European species commonly known as bilberry), is usually eaten, the dried leaves are used as a medicinal tea.

Huckleberry leaves act as a diuretic astringent. Understandably,…

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