Interrelationship Between Various Systems of Body



By Mr AK Shyam
The Human body is composed of eleven separate BUT interconnected systems –
Skeletal, muscular, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, excretory, nervous, integumentary, immune, endocrine and reproductive.  These systems work in tandem to maintain health.

Skeletal system

Skeletal system provides structure to the human body, stores minerals, produces blood cells and protects delicate organs.
It is made up of 206 bones connected with ligaments, muscles and tendons with softer cushion (cartilage).  Body movements are controlled by muscular system, while the stimulation of the system is by nervous system.

Respiratory and circulatory systems deliver nutrients and oxygen to cells as well as remove waste products and aids immune system through circulation of white blood cells.  Immune system comprising of lymph organs (Spleen and thymus and the skin) protects body against…

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