Is Stress a Cause of Hair Loss?


Doctors and scientists now agree that emotional stress and anxiety can cause serious hair loss. Studies show that a stress event can cause hair to fall within 3 months of it. So if you have lots of stress in your life or you suffered from some stressful event recently, you should take care of your hair. Stress can cause different types of hair loss. Find out what these different effects are and how you can treat this problem with Hair Restore Shampoo featuring DHT Halting Technology.

Types of Stress-Related Hair Loss

Stress can cause a wide range of health-related problems and hair loss is one such physically visible effect. There are different types of stress-related hair loss conditions, including the following:

Telogen Effluvium

When you suffer from this stress-related condition, you can experience temporary hair loss. Stress causes the hair follicles to enter a resting stage,…

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