Jen Breschini, June 2020 – East West School of Planetary Herbology



I grew up in Colorado where my family was very focused on gardening. This sparked my love of plants and gardening and wherever I’ve lived, I’ve had a garden, large or small. At my current home here in Indianapolis I’ve transformed most of my suburban yard into a paradise of vegetables, herbs, and fruits.

After the birth of my first child I acquired many unresolved health issues and in my search for answers I trained with a naturopathic doctor where I learned homeopathy, nutrition, and basic herbology. My teacher encouraged me to eventually formally study to become an herbal practitioner, so as a way to get me started on my future journey she gifted me with many herbology books, including all of the Tierras’ books.

During my years of study I pursued many passions that have laid the foundation of skills that support my work today. Some examples are my work as a Flower Essence…

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