Jujube Dates to Usher in the Earth Time of Year


Dried jujube dates

From July through about mid-September, we are in the “Earth time of year” with its organs, the Spleen and Stomach. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the Spleen is responsible for assimilation and transportation of nutrients throughout the body (metabolism) while the Stomach mechanically breaks down food and fluids. The flavor that improves both of these energies is sweet.

There are two types of sweet – empty and full. The empty sweet includes refined sugars, which generally depletes the body and causes all sorts of diseases. The full sweet comes from protein, complex carbohydrates and natural sugars with nutrients still contained. A little bit of full sweet tonifies and strengthens metabolism and the Earth functions.

One sweet that especially strengthens digestion and energy comes from the herb, jujube date. This delicious red jujube date tonifies both…

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