Mayo Clinic Diet Consists of Two Phases



According to the Mayo Clinic Diet, achieving a healthy weight and maintaining long-lasting results over a long period is possible if you focus not only on nutrition but also on sustaining a normal state of health. Stay with us and find out all the details of this weight loss diet.

Lose weight

This phase lasts two weeks and starts the process of losing weight. The weight decrease in the first stage is from 6 to 8 lbs. You examine your lifestyle, understand what is diet, what to eat, get rid of five bad habits, and develop five good ones. At the same time, a mandatory part of the system is a daily 30-minute workout.

Live in a new way

This phase lasts a long period, perhaps throughout life, and is based on a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. At this stage, you will learn to correctly determine your goal – the weight that you must strive to achieve, and accurately draw up a…

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