Nutrition for Athletes: Do You Have It All Figured Out?


To perform their best, athletes must stay hydrated and have the right nutrition plan in place, including a balanced diet full of proteins and other necessary nutrients and the best forms of hydration.

Water is one of the best things for hydration, but many athletes need more than water for longer events and workouts, and high-quality sports drinks can fill this need. The best sports drinks limit sugar, salt, and caffeine use and concentrate on health nutrients, including hemp oil.

What Makes A Good Sports Drink?

Athletes need quality sports drinks that help them perform, not just taste good. The drink should replace liquids that are lost during workouts through sweating and supply needed electrolytes. Avoid drinks, no matter how well-known and popular, that contain large amounts of sugar, salt, and caffeine. Guardian’s hemp drinks and other quality healthy sports drinks are better…

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