Patharchatta Plant (Bryophyllum)-Health Benefits & Medicinal Use


Bryophyllum calcynium is a small shrub that grow around the height of 1-4 feet, is well known for its medicinal uses. It is in particular known for treatment of kidney stone, ulcers, wounds, bleeding as well as piles.

Bryophyllum calcynium plant in English is known as “Miracle Leaf” or “Life Plant” and in Hindi is called as Patharchur, Paan-futti, Pather Chat, etc. It is a plant that has been uses as ayurvedic medicine for ages. It have found helpful in many ailments due to its tremendous medicinal properties in it.

Bryophyllum Calycinum Indian Names

  • Hindi: Jakh Me Hayat, Panfutti, Patherchart.
  • Sanskrit name: Parn beej, hemsagar, Asthibhaksha, Parnabija, Parnabijah,Pashanabheta.
  • Tamil: Ranakalli.
  • Bengali: Koppata.
  • Gujarati: Ghaymaari.
  • Bengali: Koppat, Patharkuchi, Gatrapuri, Kaphpata, Koppata, Pathorkuchi.
  • Kannada: Kaadubasale, Dadabadike, Patrajeeva.
  • Malayalam: Elachedi,…

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