Protection for You and Yours: A Holiday Gift Idea


Every December we try to offer some possibilities for gifts you can make or buy to enhance your holidays. It’s our version of Oprah’s “favorite things.”

This year I’m suggesting two things that may be a gift to yourself, your family or your friends: protection from all airborne pathogens and allergens, including the covid-19 virus.

Lesley and I have discussed and considered how despite the promise a vaccine may offer, the current pandemic is likely a harbinger of more to come, considering the overpopulation of our planet and the exploitation of its resources at a rate that is already causing havoc in the existing natural order.

Upon reflecting on this, I present to you two items that might help:

AirTamer A310 Personal Negative Ion Generator, Air Purifier Necklace

This wearable device generates negative ions to remove cigarette smoke, viruses, PM2.5, pollen, molds and dust…

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