Purslane (Lona) – Uses, Qualities, Remedy, Research



By Dr Renita D’Souza
Purslane is widely used as folklore medicine. Its leaves are rich source in omega-3 fatty acids. WHO has given it the term ‘Global Panacea’ and listed under most used medicinal plant. In ancient times it was considered as anti-magic herb and used to protect against evil spirits. It was kept on the bed while sleeping to protect the person from having nightmares.
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Botanical Name
Choti Lona – Portulaca quadrifida
Family – Portulacaceae

Badi Lona – Portulaca oleracea
Family – Portulacaceae

Vernacular Names

English Name – Chicken weed, Wild purslane
Portulaca oleracea – Garden purslane, Verdolaga, Red root, Pursley
Hindi Name – Chotilona, Nonisag, Chotiloniya, Jangliloniya, Khate Chawal, Chounlayi, Nonia
Bigger variety (Portulaca oleracea) – Badi lona, Lonashaaka,…

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