Quarantined for 14+|Days When Is It Safe To Spend Quality Time with Family and Friends?


You’ve been stuck inside for weeks, and now you’re feeling as pale as a Morlock out of an H.G. Wells novel. Plus, you’re bored out of your skull. You feel fine — can you come out to play yet?

It doesn’t matter how old you are — the quarantine can weigh on anyone mentally. However, you need to protect not only yourself but also everyone with whom you may come in contact. Before you take to the streets, here’s what you should know.

How Self-Isolation Works

You might wonder why you need to stay in isolation if you don’t feel sick. The recommendation stems from what scientists know about the novel coronavirus to date. Every infectious disease has what is called the incubation period. This term refers to the time when the pathogen multiplies in your system to the point where you start shedding it — becoming…

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