So Much More than “Swamp Water”: Liu Wei Di Huang Wan


Shu di huang, cooked rehmannia root

My acupuncture teacher, Dr. Miriam Lee, said she never studied herbs but she had a very busy practice in San Jose, treating up to 100 patients a day with acupuncture. In those days, acupuncture was not a legal profession. She was arrested for practicing medicine without a license. Through her heroic efforts and with the support from the many patients she helped, she was able to finally get a law passed legalizing the profession of acupuncture in the State of California – the first state, I believe, to do so.

Despite her limited knowledge of herbs, she had one formula that she dispensed to most of her old patients. It was Liu Wei Di Huang, also known as “Rehmannia Six.” She felt that most of her patients were burnt out from worry and overwork and suffered a constitutional deficiency Yin. She dispensed the formula in a small bottle of which 8…

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