Spicy Flavor and Digestive Trikatu


Which of these herbs would you consider “spicy”?

The spicy flavor has many understandings and an interesting function. When most people think of “spicy,” they think of spicy food. However, that’s normally due to the presence of chili rather than regular spices that don’t necessarily have what is normally thought of as a spicy flavor. In the last five years or more, food in the U.S. has become saturated with chili.

Once you’ve had some chili in your food, try tasting another food and see if you can detect that food’s flavor. I’ll bet you can’t. I don’t know about you, but I want to choose when I eat a particular food or spice. I once had to search for food without sugar on the label, now I have to search for it without chili, too.

The spicy flavor can be very strong and mask other flavors. In excess, spicy is irritating, over-heating, and over-stimulating. For…

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