Taro Root (Colocasia) Uses, Recipes, Remedies, Toxicity, Research



By Dr Renita D’Souza
Taro is a tuber crop and is a natural source of energy. It is considered as a good source of carbohydrates and potassium. Traditionally the plant is used as remedy for general debility, constipation, baldness, stomatitis, piles, liver ailments etc. Taro roots and tender leaves are used as vegetables. Juice of leaf stalk is styptic in nature and applied on cut wounds to stop bleeding.
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Botanical Name – Colocasia esculenta
Synonym – Colocasia antiquorum Schott
Family – Araceae

Vernacular Names

English Name – Taro, Eddoes, Dasheen, Wild taro, Eddo, Cocoyam, Kalo, Cocoyam
Hindi Name – Arabi, Aruwi, Banda, Ghuyan, Arui, Arvi, Kachalu, Ashukachu
Bengali Name – Kachu, Banakochu, Jongli kochu, Alti Kachu
Marathi Name – Alvacha kanda, Aalu, Chempu, Ran Aalu, …

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