Things That Steal Our Motivation And How To Get It Back


Are you losing interest in your work or job? Do you get too bored during your work? Are you constantly procrastinating your essential tasks? Do you feel these are just normal mood swings or something else? If these conditions persist for a longer period, then I fear, you might be suffering from “Demotivation”. A wife gets motivated when she is praised by her family for carrying out her household perfectly. Similarly, a student is motivated by his teacher in for of applause for his achievements. Thus, motivation is an essential key to improve our work performance. In this encourageable and motivative narrative blog, we will discuss 10 things that steal our motivation and ways to get it back:

Choosing the Wrong goal

You have been brilliant in your studies all your life and now in practical life, you have the great hope of getting a good job. Fortunately, you find one. But what…

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