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By Dr Renita D’Souza
Gajakarna is a plant with large leaves resembling elephant ears. Known as Leea in English, it is used both for culinary and medicinal purposes. It is used to treat wounds, pain, worm infestation, anemia, swelling, snake byte, typhoid, fracture, cancer etc.
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Botanical Name – Leea macrophylla
Synonym – Leea angustifolia M. Laws
Family – Vitaceae

Vernacular Names
English Name – Leea
Hindi Name – Hatkan, Hastikarna, Palaash, Samudraka
Bengali Name – Dholasamudra
Marathi Name – Dinda, Gajakarni
Assamese Name – Kath tenga
Malayalam Name – Njallu
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Medical Qualities

Taste – bitter
Potency (virya) – hot
Taste conversion after digestion (vipaka) – sweet
Shitajwara – fever with cold…

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