Uttana Mandukasana – Upright Frog Pose, How To Do, Benefits


By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S

In this pose the practitioner assumes the shape of a frog as if in an upright position and hence the name. It is a variant of Madukasana – frog pose. It needs more stretching than Mandukasana.

Uttana = Upright
Manduka = frog
Asana = pose

It is also called as stretched up frog pose or extended frog pose since uttana also means to stretch up or to extend. This pose helps in correcting postural defects, tones up muscles and sets right functions of many systems.
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Preparation for Uttana Mandukasana

  • Uttana Mandukasana is done early morning or on empty stomach. If it is not possible to do the asana in the day time, it can be done in evening too.
  • If the pose is practiced at evening or some other part of the day the practitioner should take food 4-6 hours before performing the pose.
  • The bowel and bladder…

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