Vataja Kasa – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment



Vataja Kasa means cough produced by vitiated vata. It is one among the five types of cough. Due to the impact of vata the cough is dry in nature with absence of or less expectoration of phlegm. This condition is associated with pain in the chest.
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Causative factors

Related to food

  • Excessive consumption of dry foods
  • Excessive consumption of cold foods
  • Excessive consumption of foods with predominantly astringent taste
  • Consuming less food
  • Consuming food in limited way
  • Not consuming food at all (starvation)

Related to activities and lifestyle

Signs and Symptoms

  • Dry cough
  • Dry phlegm is expectorated
  • The phlegm is expectorated with difficulty after repeated coughing
  • Phlegm is less in quantity
  • Absence of sound when the person coughs
  • Hollow and groaning cough
  • Pain in heart, flanks and chest
  • Dryness of chest
  • Irritation in the chest
  • Weakness of voice…

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