Watermelon Medicine: Fruit, Seed and Rind


Sweet is the flavor of the Spleen time of year, including this month of August. In July, I discussed the herb, jujube date, which is sweet but not the sweet flavor most of us think of as in sugar or candy. So what about a true sweet-sweet herb such as a fruit? (Yes, fruits can be used as medicine, as can all foods.) Watermelon becomes available this time of year and so is a perfect food to use as medicine now. Interestingly, all parts of watermelon may be used medicinally – fruit, seed, rind, and frost.


Let’s start with the watermelon fruit itself, the sweet-sweet so many people crave. Watermelon can be incredibly satisfying on hot summer days. Indeed, it has a cold energy and so cools the body down. The Chinese call it the “natural” White Tiger Decoction, which is an exceedingly cold formula used for high fevers. Watermelon fruit generates fluids with symptoms of…

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