What Is Hatha Yoga? What Are The 8 limbs Of Yoga?


The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali describes the eight-way path to living the perfect life, it is also known as ‘The Eight Steps of Yoga’, or Ashtanga in Sanskrit.
In the practice of yoga, the people are dedicated to creating a union between mind, body, and spirit. The eight limbs of Patanjali outline a way to achieve and practice that can balance our body systems.

The eight limbs act as a guide for yogis to live a life of integrity, self-discipline, respect for nature, and the spiritual aspects of life. Patanjali was a wise man that lived in India approximately 400 CE ago, wrote one of the foundational texts of yoga, also referred to as “yoga sutras”.

Well, in these sutras he speaks of yoga as the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind. There are several obstacles to free the mind from its fluctuations, which it describes in the following sutras, which would be ignorance,…

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