What You Need to Know- The Complete Herbal Guide


Unfortunately, our pets cannot tell us what is wrong with them. Diagnosing chronic pain for dogs often costs thousands of dollars. In the end, sometimes the medicines prescribed cost too much to buy regularly.

When the federal government relaxed its rules on CBD, it changed how we help our pets. Finally, an affordable, low-risk supplement hit the market that treats chronic pain. To be safe, it’s important to understand the difference between CBD and THC for dogs. Mistaking one for the other could hurt your dog.

Learn the Difference Between CBD and THC

Cannabis is divided into two legal categories: hemp and marijuana. Industrial hemp is legal to grow as of 2018. Marijuana is a controlled substance and considered illegal to use by the federal government

While cannabis has around 100 helpful cannabinoids, CBD and THC get the most attention.  Cannabidiol (CBD) doesn’t affect…

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