You Can Beat COVID-19 with Proper Preventive Measures


By Dr. Cliff Han

With the novel coronavirus COVID-19 now officially a pandemic, I want to tell you, “Hakuna Matata,” and that with this method outlined below how you can prepare yourself to beat the virus. This method won’t save you from catching it, but it will help you temporarily increase your immune system’s response to the virus’s invasion before it causes serious problems.

Before telling you the method, we should review how our immune system works, based upon my recent study.

To explain it with a metaphor, our immune system is like a car, with an accelerator to speed it up and brakes to slow it down. Pathogens act as an accelerator, stimulating the immune system so it can protect us from infectious diseases. Probiotics, or “friendly” bacteria, act as brakes, slowing it down when there is no infection. Like a car, our immune system is designed to be parked most of the…

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